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Welcome home. As a participant in the NLSY79, you are a crucial part of one of the most interesting and informative surveys in the U.S. The NLSY79 is a vital source of information for policymakers and researchers who want to know more about the experiences and concerns of people in your generation. The survey includes people who were born in the years 1957 to 1964 and living in the U.S. when the survey began in 1979.

This web site is a place for you to update your contact information, contact the NLSY79 staff, or learn more about the survey and how your data has made an impact.

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So far, more than 4000 journal articles, book chapters, and other studies have been published using information from the NLSY79. These are some of the topics examined in those studies:

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(Click picture to see recent articles on these topics)

  • What factors influence the decision to change jobs or move to a new location?
  • How do decisions about marriage and having children affect your earnings?
  • How do periods of unemployment affect mental health?
  • Does the employment of mothers affect their children’s development?
  • How do fathers’ relationships with their children affect children’s development?
  • What are the longer-term consequences of drug and alcohol use?
  • How does your generation handle its finances?

The amount of research continues to grow, making the NLSY79 even more valuable each year it is conducted. As a respondent in the NLSY79, you are part of something great. Thanks for your interest and participation in the NLSY79.