Letter from the Director

Dear NLSY79 Respondents,

For more than 40 years, the NLSY79 has provided vital information about the lives of ordinary Americans. Few surveys can match the NLSY79 in helping us understand who we are as a nation. And for that, we thank you.

Your continued participation in this study has impacted how our country understands important economic, educational, and labor market issues. And as you near retirement age and potentially leave the paid labor force, the NLSY79 will permit researchers to study key questions about retirement and the causes and consequences of age-related health issues.


We follow the federal laws that govern the confidentiality of survey respondents, as well as additional policies and procedures that ensure your answers are safeguarded. Please see the back of this letter for more information about privacy and confidentiality.


The average interview lasts about 74 minutes and you can schedule your appointment online as well as get extra cash with our Early Bird program! (See enclosed card for details.) To receive your gift faster, we offer electronic payment options through online or mobile banking and PayPal.


We appreciate your time and willingness to thoughtfully answer our questions. Few people have the opportunity to make such a lasting contribution. Thank You!


Keenan Dworak-Fisher

Director, National Longitudinal Surveys
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics